Dean’s  Message


Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

May the peace and blessings of Allah s.w.t. be upon you.

As the Dean of the Faculty of English and Foundation Studies (FOLAFS) at KUIPSAS, I would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year 2020 and hope that all your wishes will come true this year.

I would also like to welcome you to explore our website and discover interesting programmes and courses offered at this college university, particularly at this faculty.  FOLAFS at KUIPSAS currently offers three programmes:  Bachelor of English Studies with Instructional Leadership, Diploma in English and Foundation in Human Sciences (ASASI Sains Kemanusiaan). The Bachelor programme, which starts this semester, trains students in leadership skills supported strongly by English language proficiency, particularly at the workplace and focuses on producing future teacher leaders and instructional trainers. The Diploma programme provides students knowlegde and skills in areas pertaining to the practical use of the English Language, particularly at the workplace.  The Foundation in Human Sciences, which is a one-year programme, equips students with essential knowledge and skills to prepare them to pursue a Bachelor programme in any of the faculties in KUIPSAS and in other selected universities.


Major emphasis is placed on students’ ability to communicate effectively, to think critically and creatively, to deliberate on issues in real work environments, and to solve problems amicably such that their leadership talents and potentialites emerge in real life situations.


With training in understanding the various aspects of Muslim life traditions, and strengthened by vigorous efforts to master the knowledge of Quran, Sunnah and Islamic Fiqh, the graduates of this Diploma programme possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and more importantly, wisdom, to transform society in many positive ways.


For parents who want their children to receive adequate training in English communication skills and to master necessary soft skills, coupled with the knowledge of Islamic studies, you should seriously consider FOLAFS as your children’s academic destination.


FOLAFS has great plans for the future of education in KUIPSAS.  IsyaAllah, the Faculty plans to offer exciting programmes at the Master and Ph.D. levels in the not-too-distant future.

FOLAFS has an innovative team of lecturers.  We are dedicated and committed to providing the best teaching practices and student-support initiatives.  Students of our faculty are given the most effective learning experience via the appropriate use of teaching approaches and modern instructional technology.  Above all, the lecturers at FOLAFS have for so long, demonstrated a deep passion for the achievement of accurate learning outcomes and the development of high moral values among our students.

For parents, guardians and prospective students, I welcome you to FOLAFS at KUIPSAS.

May Allah swt bless all of you.

Prof. Madya Dr. Jelani bin Sulaiman 
Faculty of English and Foundation Studies (FOLAFS)
Kolej Unversiti Islam Pahang Sultan Ahmad Shah


Faculty of Language and Foundation Studies is established to see students’ potential as a whole in foundation and language skills. Focus will be to all language skills which are speaking, reading, writing and listening. This effort is to produce KUIPSAS students who are knowledgeable, skilled, proficient, confident, and able to contribute to society and the nation through their success in the job market both locally and abroad.


Faculty of Language and Foundation Studies will keep working to develop students’ potential as a whole in language skills. All language skills which are speaking, reading, writing and listening will be emphasize for knowledge mastery. This is done to produce KUIPSAS students who are knowledgeable, skilful, language expert, confident and able to contribute and give back to the society and the country through their success placing themselves in job sectors locally and also internationally.















Language skills are taught as the second skills after the main courses offered by their faculties. Language teaching and learning aim is to help KUIPSAS students become an expert to use the language not only for their daily lives but as a tool for them to continue studies and apply them to use English and Malay language in their working field. Here, we try to become eye opener for the students on the importance of foreign language in this globalization era.  Besides that, teaching and language learning in KUIPSAS embroils with the use of ICT to enable students to learn lessons from local sources as well as from overseas sources.

Mastering of knowledge in foundation studies is a prerequisite for students to pursue their undergraduate studies. The aim of teaching and learning basic knowledge is to provide sufficient preparation for students to understand and master the basic aspects of knowledge in the areas of Language, Islamic Studies, Management Studies and Information Technology. This broad-based knowledge approach will help students identify which areas of interest students are interested in and pursue further. Students are also trained to cultivate a love of knowledge, good manners, relationships, respect, skills and leadership.


Language and foundation syllabus at KUIPSAS are targeting equip students with language skills. After graduation, they will be able to:

  1. Listen and understand spoken and become well-functioning in their daily lives.
  2. Speak clearly and able to give good feedback in any situation.
  3. Be knowledgeable in certain scope of knowledge.
  4. Read and understand all types of texts (printed and digital) in order to get information or for leisure purposes.
  5. Write (including e-mail) for multiple purposes with simple and compact language.
  6. Create awareness and appreciate moral values and love towards our country.
  7. Understand Malaysia history and races as well as the community development from social, politic and economy aspect.
  8. Enhancing the expertise, awareness and morale of participating in efforts to defend the country’s sovereignty and development

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